Monday, May 21, 2012

Starting with the goods... Post #1

So I finally got around to making the blog I wanted to.. for us girls only. Sorry guys but this was actually the whole reason I got on blogger to begin with! It was to share my thoughts and experiences with other women.

My approach changed quite a bit when I discovered that the guys were the scant few actually interacting with me on a regular basis!! :D)

But that seems to be changing and maybe this is what I should have done first instead of my Sex Topics For the Naughty blog.. oh well... it's now live and I will try to update this one frequently.

Sooo... without further ado, I will open this first post with my current fav fantasy lover. He is none other than Mr. Joe Manganiello, who joined the totally awesome HBO vampire series True Blood in season 3. Joe plays Alcide Herveaux, a very, very sexy werewolf and heartthrob and though I am usually partial to vampire characters, a girl has to make exceptions!
omg look at that those abs! mmmm
If I could just rest my head there for a minute... :D)

Next we have Nick Auger, winner of Model Universe competition in 2004.. and fitness guru.  It shows too!!! yummy
See the little cut on each side at his hips that goes into his pants?
 Oh my yes... fuck Visa, that is everywhere I want to be! lol

Not to leave out my feminine crushes, so here is one of my favorites.. Rihanna. She is an amazing combination of sexy and talented and while I don't agree with everything she does (like forgiving Chris Brown) she is an amazing artist. I just think she is so sexy.. I would not kick her out of my bed, but if she happened to be there, I might kick out my hubby! (just for a little bit...) love ya baby!

I have 100% sexual attraction for her...

No list of mine would be complete without one of the preeminent hotties in Hollywood. The Rock.. Dwayne Johnson is very talented.. and my, my, my, those pecs speak for themselves!
Love the tribal tatts!

Another Hollywood actor and hunk extraordinaire, Ryan Reynolds has been in a lot of action type movies, and several of my vibrator induced.. ahem... moments :D) lol
I would like to drizzle and lick chocolate syrup off that chest!

Sagi Kalev... bodybuilder (obviously), model, and soap opera actor.  I think he would make an awesome Superman.. if they ever decided to make him "Super" again!
omg...Sagi is imminently fuckable!

Diesel is the name...Vin Diesel.  With a name like that he would have to have an ultra sexy bod...and he does!!!
I love the sound of his voice..makes me creamy
(yea that kind)

This was taken back in Brad's leaner, meaner days... I wish he would do more movies instead of kissing Angelina's butt all the time... *shrugs*
Still a hottie!

Toby Barnett. One handsome, hunk of a man from down under!  A friend told me he is gay and I hope not, but I don't really care if he is..I just need him to be straight for an hour or two! :D)
Giving speedo's a good name again!

And while we are at the beach...
One of my fantasy scenarios is to one day be walking alone on the beach and run across these 5 guys while I am wearing my string bikini.  Then as I near them, one of my straps pops loose and my boobs come falling right out in front of them. (oops!)

So then they carefully help me back into my top, and after some light conversation they kindly ask me if I want to hang out for a while back at their hotel...  I say "sure" and we all go back there for a few drinks and some flirting.

After while, I start sucking them all off and let them go wild on my pussy and ass as they all take turns screwing me senseless for a couple of hours!

Afterward, I walk back to my hotel to find my hubby passed out in bed, and I snuggle up next to him and fall fast asleep...  mmmm

A girl can dream can't she! :D)

Or you know it could be these 5 guys also... I am not picky at all.. I just want hunks with nice dicks :D) lol

As a matter of fact, scratch my first fantasy... all ten of these guys are walking down the beach.. then the rest is the same!  (better make it 4 hours) :D)

I really like this cock.. nice thickness..good length.
I would enjoy every minute of having him inside me..anywhere.
And I really like men who shave completely...
major turn on for me!

Very nice thickness and love the veins..they feel so good to me! But maybe a little too long... I want a man to be able to pull my ass up against him when we are having sex doggy style.. And this cock might be a little too straight.. I like guys with kinks and curves.. in more ways than one :D)
Perfect blowjob material!

Oh my!!!

I recently had sex with a man that had a cock almost exactly like this one (Wild weekend 48 on my STFN blog.)

This one is thicker but has the same curve and length.

This kind of cock presses my orgasm button so hard and then slams it into overdrive.  Rapid multiples.. squirting.. almost had to tell him to stop..  and I NEVER do that!

I am getting wet just thinking about that night.. this one might be too much to take anally, but if he did me as good as my lover that night, I will let him at least get in there and play a bit :D)

Here is another perfectly shaven man.. nice shape and length, thickness too.. The little upturn at the head can do wonders if the guy knows how to use this to his advantage!
Would love to have him in front of me right now... mmmm

He needs to trim up top a bit, but nice thickness and length... mmmm
Would love to suck on him for a while till he was nice and hard then hop on for a ride.

I love his cock!! big and thick for what looks like a thinner guy.. perfect length I think!

Now we are talking :D)
I love them thick and this is one veiny, thick monster dick.
mmmmm  I would squirt so hard!!!

This is a very handsome guy and has a nice hard body.
You might think he has a smaller cock and I wouldn't like him, but really I like guys hung like this sometimes! (I know what you're thinking...and no I am not feeling sick)

When a guy is really huge, it can hurt a bit as he stretches the walls of my pussy and anal is almost out of the question for me with a thick guy. Or if a guy is too long, I am sometimes concerned that he will hit against my cervix and that can really hurt after a while in the wrong position.

A guy that's hung like this man can be such a "fun fuck"!! :D)

No worries about my cervix getting hurt and with as much as I love the orgasmic potential I have with anal sex, I can just let him go after me and really pound my ass good.  I love that, makes me cum like a river..

Don't get me wrong, I like all types of cock... each one is unique and has some pluses and minuses.  But smaller guys also tend to really try and fuck harder and that can work wonders for my orgasms!

WOW! Now that is one thick cock!!
I think he is probably over 10 inches in circumference!! :O
Thicker than a soda can!!
Would probably feel amazing in my pussy..after a bit of gentle stretching.. but I couldn't even give him a blowjob!! My mouth is too small..and forget about anal way, no how!!

Ok hope you enjoyed installment one.. please leave me some comments girls!!

Let me know what you think I should be blogging about here next.