Monday, March 25, 2013

Post #2: Spring 2013 - Having some fun...

Hi everybody! :)
So it took me much longer to update this blog, not for lack of material but for lack of time. I am trying to update this at least a few times a year and hopefully the next update will not take as long.


Now let's get to some hunks!

So you can just imagine the fantasy scenario... While my husband and I are
vacationing in Europe, I go up to the spa and hotub area one evening
and I am pleasantly surprised to meet several hot (and naked..) guys. They
immediately usher me into the tub, and I take turns sucking all their cocks
 right there and with us all brimming with anticipation, they invite me back
to their room for drinks...

These next two guys... I don't know their names but they are hotties! :)

As usual, in the position of control and responsibility...the woman!

 I like this pic..and the position :)

I like this one too...
p.s. guys I really love when you grab my chest
like this during foreplay, it makes me wet and ready for your cock...just an FYI !

I love it when I am fortunate enough to be in her position... mmmm

Ummm..yea.... He has it all... Long, thick and shaved... Mmmm
Where do I sign up??

So thick and veiny... and what a ride he would be! 

Speaking of veiny...
 And veins like these feel so good inside of my pussy.
The extra friction and sensations are a real treat.
Whenever I pull a nice rippled, veiny cock out of a man's pants,
I always smile up at him, just to let him know we are in for some fun!

I love the near perfect form and thick underbelly...
Those are good for multiple orgasms for me any day of the week.

Wow..he is very well equipped. Nice and thick too ;)

A beach... a man... and his big hard cock.
Some things in life are just simple and good.
This is one of those!

Oooh yes, yes, YES!

This is a new feature I am adding... For each blog, I will pick one of my ever growing list of male lovers and talk about what I liked (and didn't) about his cock and overall lovemaking skills. And yes, after long thought I have decided to rate the guy. And I will go into my little rating system in the near future. In short, I have a scale of 1 to 10 and you have to do certain things for me to get a high number lol..

#1: Stephen: 7 out of 10

I only had sex with Stephen one time, but it was quite dramatic.
This was the first guy I went online and found for myself. And that was per my husband's instructions! So I went on a swinger site we use and within a few minutes of chatting... I had a date! :D

Stephen's cock was really nice.  Long and thick, with a gentle curve.
After making out on the couch..he grabbed my head after I started sucking
his cock and he face fucked me hard. First time I remember a guy doing that to me!
He also kept twisting my nipples, usually a turn on... but he was doing it too hard.
So he was a bit abusive and rough at times, but I really enjoyed his cock.

So much so, that eventually I gave in to his many anal entry attempts....
I let him fuck my ass...
It was worth the wait, as I had a massive squirting orgasm with his cock mauling my
defenseless little asshole!

He made me cum about 4 or 5 times that night, but the one lingering problem was he kept getting limp. (stagefright I believe) I had to keep him pumping my pussy or suck him off to keep him hard for very long.

All in all, on a scale of 1 to 10... Stephen was a solid 7.
He fucked me good and hard, but in the end, he was not as gentle as I like at times.
I like both extremes, hard fucking and gentle touching..
Hard to find that balance I guess...

That's why I am happy I am married to the greatest man on Earth!

I love the soft dominatrix look...

I love this pic! So erotic and colorful...

And I absolute love this very high end ensemble on this beautiful model..
The colors are beautiful, as is the lacework.

Great erotic art idea and execution!

Okay..first let me say that - I love sex and nakedness outdoors!

But this model has the distinct expression of
"Fucking hay up my ass!!!"
(He could have given her a blanket! duh...)

Stay tuned girls, next update will be with a Summer theme..

Bring on the warm weather !